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Brynhyfryd Primary School

Dream, believe, achieve together...

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Croeso i'n Dosbarthiadau Blwyddyn 1!

Welcome To Our Year 1 Classes!


Pwy ydyn ni?

Who are we?

Year 1 Classteacher- Miss Barnes                   Year 1 Classteacher- Mrs Griffiths






                     Year 1 Classteacher Mrs O'Connor                    Teaching Assistant- Mr M Morgan






Teaching Assistant - Miss J Spring                                                               Teaching Assistant- Mrs R MacKinnon

Drop-off and collection:

The entrance and exit for families to Year 1 is through the main gate on the West Site (Llangyfelach Road, same side as the Co-op shop).

Children wait with parents on the yard before school starts. Staff are present on the yard at 8.45, prior to the bell ringing at 8.50. At 8.50, children line up and lead into school. At dissmisal time, please collect Miss Barnes' children from the small gate (near the red railings) and Mrs O'Connor's children from the main entrance. If you need to arrange early collection or are late to arrive to school, please call the school office on 01792 483870 (option 3). 


Weekly timetabling:

Morning start time- 8.50am

Afternoon finish time- 3.15pm

Library visits- once every half-term; look out for further information via Class Dojo

Outdoor learning and P.E - Tuesday


Notes for families:

  • We have a healthy snack time each day when children can eat fruit and drink milk or water. Families send fruit to school with their children, milk/water is provided in school.
  • Children can bring a water bottle to school (with their name on) so they can access water when they need it during the day. We ask kindly that you do not send in squash/fizzy driinks; this is not permitted. 
  • For health and safety, children should be brought to school by families with appropriate clothing including waterproof coats with hoods on days when it might rain, warm coats when it could be cold, sunhats,sunglasses and sun-screen on days when it is particularly sunny and footwear that is suitable for wearing both in and out of doors. 
  • Please ensure that your child has suitable clothes for outdoor learning each Tuesday.
  • P.E kit can be brought into school each Monday and we will send it home for washing on a Friday.
  • Please send in your child's book bag every Friday (with their book and home school diary). This is the day we will check their reading and spelling progress and update the diary accordingly.
  • Please note that we will only dismiss your child to adults nominated by you. Please phone the school office to inform us of any change as we are unable to dismiss your child to someone who has no prior consent for collection. 


Lles a iechyd...

Wellbeing, Health and Safety...

We work hard in Brynhyfryd Primary School to try and ensure the highest levels of child wellbeing, health and safety. In order to work in partnership with us we would ask that...


  • You keep us up to date about any changes in cicumstances that might affect your child's well-being or safety so that we can be prepared to support your child as best we can. 
  • Engage with us and support your child with any homework set and undertake regular practise of reading, spelling, counting. Completing set homework will ensure that they can participate fully when we discuss tasks in school and share facts and findings with their peers. Regular practise at basic skills will raise their self esteem and boost their confidence as they continue to improve. You can further support your child's learning at home by using our useful website links that will signpost you to appropriate resources for our year group (this can be found in the children's section: Year 1).
  • Please keep up to date with Class Stories, Whole school stories and messages on Class Dojo. We feel this is an important communication tool. We may post information about what the children have been doing and updates on learning - the chidlren feel good when you talk to them about what they've been doing and notice what's going on in school. 
  • Please inform us if your child is unable to attend for any reason so that we can alter the register accordingly. Good attendance at school is so important for your child as is turning up for school on time. When pupils arrive late, some may feel that they have missed out or feel 'put on the spot'. It can also distract those altready in school if learning has already started.  
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle, including the importance of a balanced diet, exercise, keeping hydrated, getting plenty of sleep, good hygiene and placing sensible limits on the use of gaming/screen time. 
  •  Please keep your child safe online. Monitor/supervise usage and ensure usage is safe and age-appropriate. Encourage them to get plenty of sleep and check they are not left with access to tablets / digital devices after you have said goodnight.

 Please click on links below to access information to support safe internet use.



Ein Ddysgu...

Our Learning...

Our current topic is: "Here we are"




Sut i helpu...

Ways to help...

  • Practise sounds regularly. In Recpetion children are taught the basic 42 sounds and we build on this in Year 1 by teaching new and alternative sounds. For example, in Reception pupils learn the digraph 'ie' as in pie. Then in Year 1 we learn alternative ways - igh  as in night, split digraph i_e as in mine, and /y as in sky.  
  • Practise reading every day and use our Home/school reading diary to communicate with us about how they are progressing with reading.
  • Practise learning to read and spell 'tricky words' given by staff. These words are usually irregular words which cannot be 'sounded out' phonetically in the usual way, such as said /the/he /was.
  • Practise counting objects (1-20) then larger amounts by grouping into 2's, 5's or 10's.
  • Practise writing numbers using the correct number formation. 
  • Practise counting by rote accurately forwards / backwards within 100 - careful crossing the tens boundaries e.g. 52,51,50.49 and listen out for errors when they count 19, 18, 17 - sometimes they mistake 'ty' when it should be 'teen'.
  • Practise helping your child to write using the school's cursive handwriting script (see later section for guidance or ask staff). 
  • Help your child to become more independent, for example, dressing/changing clothes/using zips/ buttons and tying laces. Reinforce daily routines (as we do in school), for example, know that they should bring their reading book on a Tuesday. 
  • Encourage your child to speak clearly, with growing confidence. Remind them to be respectful of speaking and listening courtesies. For example, listen to others' carefully when they are talking and avoid interrupting someone frequently if they are in the middle of talking.
  • Please ensure you attend any parent-teacher meetings that you are invited to and keep up to date with Class Stories and messages on Class Dojo. 
  • Ensure there are clear boundaries for your child's behaviour at home. Help them to know what you expect of them and what is acceptable or not in different places at different times.
  • Help us make sure that your child feels and knows that they are loved and safe both with you and in school.


Please click on the icon below to log in to your child's Hwb account...

(their online software and storage of learning)






In Year 1, we use the school's cursive handwrting script. 


Please see below how to form each letter. We always start on the line with an entry stroke (the red dot indicates the starting place) and we finish each letter with an exit stroke. 

Here is a helpful video clip which shows how some letters are formed using the school's cursive script...

Still image for this video

Lluniau o dathliadau a sbri...

Pictures of things we are proud of and have enjoyed... 

Look at some of our lockdown learning during the Spring Term!

Look at some of the learning from our Spring term so far! This includes celebrating St David's Day at school.

Here are the cross-curricular opportunities most year 1 children will have experienced by the end of the year...