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Brynhyfryd Primary School

Dream, believe, achieve together...

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Helping your child(ren)

For the attention of reception families...




Gwasanaeth Nyrsio Ysgolion 



Annwyl Bennaeth, 


Diolch i chi yn gyntaf am eich cymorth parhaus i weithio mewn partneriaeth fel ein bod yn medru cynnig ein gwasanaeth nyrsio ysgolion i’ch disgyblion. 


Mae copi o’r pecyn Croeso ar gyfer pob disgybl derbyn wedi ei gynnwys:- 


  1. Llythyr esboniadol ar gyfer rhieni / gwarcheidwaid 

  1. Taflen wybodaeth Gwasanaeth Nyrsio Ysgolion  

  1. Taflen Nyrsio Ysgol 


Gofynnwn eich bod yn danfon neges destun / e-bost allan i bob rhiant o ddosbarth derbyn gan ddefnyddio’r datganiad y cytunwyd arno isod yn ystod y mis cyntaf mae’r plentyn yn dechrau ysgol llawn amser gyda chi. 



Neges destun / E-bost: 

Gan fod eich plentyn wedi dechrau ysgol llawn amser, hoffem eich croesawu a’ch cyflwyno i’r Gwasanaeth Nyrsio Ysgolion. Mae’r pecyn croeso sy’n rhoi mwy o fanylion ar rôl y Nyrs Ysgolion ac mae’r Gwasanaeth ar gael drwy wefan yr ysgolion. 



Byddem yn ddiolchgar iawn pe baech yn medru sicrhau fod y daflen Wasanaeth Nyrsio Ysgolion, y Gwybodaeth Iechyd Dechrau Ysgol a’r llythyr i’r rhieni ar gael drwy wefan eich ysgol. Mae’r atodiadau ar gael isod. 


Gofynnwn eich bod hefyd yn rhoi gwybod i ni ac yn darparu pecyn copi caled i’r rhiant o unrhyw symudiadau newydd i mewn i’r dosbarth derbyn dros y flwyddyn academaidd. 


 Os nad yw rhieni eisiau cynnwys eu plant yn ein rhaglen sgrinio Taldra, Pwysau a Golwg yna rhaid iddynt roi gwybod i ni yn ysgrifenedig yn syth. 



Diolch i chi am eich cydweithrediad wrth helpu i wella ansawdd y Gwasanaeth Ysgolion er bydd iechyd eich disgyblion yn y dyfodol. 


Yr eiddoch yn gywir, 

Gwasanaeth Nyrsio Ysgolion  

Pencadlys Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Bae Abertawe 

Un Porthfa Talbot, Parc Ynni Baglan, Port Talbot, SA12 7BR   Ffôn 01639 683334 www.abm.university-trust.wales.nhs.uk 



School Nursing Service 



Dear Head Teacher, 


Firstly thank you for your continued support to working in partnership so that we can offer our school nursing service to your pupils. 


Please find enclosed a copy of the Welcome pack for all reception pupils:- 




  1. Explanatory letter for parents   

  1. School Nursing Service information sheet 

  1. School Nursing Leaflet 


Please could we ask you send a text message / email out to all parents of reception class using the agreed statement below during the first month the child starts full time school with you. 


Text message / Email: 


As your child has entered full time school, we would like to welcome and introduce you to the School Nursing Service. The welcome pack that gives more details on the role of the School Nurse and the Service is available via the schools website. 



We would be very grateful if you could ensure that the School Nursing Service leaflet, The School Entry Health Information and letter to parents are available via your school website. These attachments are provided above. 



If parents do not want their child to be included in our Height Weight and Vision screening programme, they must advise you of this in writing immediately. 



Thank you for your co-operation in helping to advance the quality of the School Service to benefit your pupil’s future health. 


Yours Sincerely, 

School Nursing Service 


Swansea Bay University Health Board Headquarters 

One Talbot Gateway, Baglan Energy Park, Port Talbot, SA12 7BR   Phone 01639 683334 www.abm.university-trust.wales.nhs.uk 

On this page:

  • share ways for you to get further involved in school life and your child(ren)'s learning
  • we collect information from you to keep improving the school
  • give you feedback from families' surveys and questionnaires as appropriate
  • update you with ways in which families have impacted on learning in school




Reminders About How To Interact With Us...




   (contact your classteacher for how to link up)


  (login with your child to access online features)


Helpful Things Pupils Have Said

We have carried out a survey across the school about children's experiences of the outdoors. We are using it to plan our future curriculum. It might give you ideas of experiences you could share with you child(ren), that will support their outdoor learning in school...


PTA News

Chairperson and lead teacher representative- Mr Bevan

Treasurer and lead parent representative- Mrs Amy Jenkins

To find out how to get involved please contact Mr Bevan at the school.

Upcoming events:




Family Forum

To find out how to get involved please contact Mrs Beynon (foundation phase) or Mrs Evans (key stage 2)

Upcoming forums:






Current Questions For You

We are always interested to have constructive feedback from families so that we can continue to improve the school. Please find current questionnaires, surveys and information we are asking for sign-posted or linked below:


Please click the distance learning logo below to give us information about your experiences of blended-learning during national lockdowns.



What You've Said

Thank you for every time that you have taken time to give us feedback! We always analyse what our families collectively say, to try and make your children's learning opportunities even better.


In our Twitter poll about "Religious Education" and "Relationships and Sexuality Education" you said:

In our most recent parents'-evening based family questionnaire, we asked about end-of-year reports and the new curriculum, and you said:


When the school was closed due to covid-19 in national lockdown 1.0, we asked you about if you needed to loan a digital device or were without internet connections separate from your mobile phone tethering: You said...




During national lockdown 3.0 the following number of digital devices were requested and loaned to families...




How Families Have Changed Learning In School

Apart from all the ways you care for your children by supporting their learning at home, Brynhyfryd Primary families have changed learning in school for the better!


Here's how you've done it...


  • PTA event fundraising (discos, mother's day stalls etc.) has helped to purchase AppleTV boxes for all KS2 classes!
  • Your support of the school book fair over the last 2 years has enabled the school to be funded for the purchase of £1,768.43 books. These books have helped widen the range of stories that children in every class have access to in order to develop empathy, philosophy and referencing skills (we have purchased new dictionaries for Y3-Y6 aswell as stories)!
  • The information that you have provided on end-of-year reports for pupils has informed our decision making process about how to make them more useful and easier to understand. The next reports you receive are be designed to be increasingly "family-friendly"!
  • The ideas that you have shared with us about your feelings on the new curriculum is helping to shape how we group children and design a curriculum that is specific to the needs of children in this specific school. More information will be coming to you, watch this space!
  • By supporting your children with distanced learning activities during the covid-19 school closure, you have maintained contact with classteachers through Dojo and emails. The information and feedback you have been giving has been vital in helping teachers know the type and levels of challenge of activities in future units of learning!
  • Families across the school have supported multiple charitable events that our children have organised as part of learning to be more empathic. These events have more recently included a: Christmas Craft Fayre for board games supporting the Seniors' Group in the Montana Centre: Literacy and Numeracy Game Day supporting Children in Need: Art Show and Scone Sale in Brynhyfryd Library to raise money for the homeless supporting the charity 'Crisis': Bake Sale for the Australian bush fires supporting: Batik Art Exhibition to buy Oxfam items supporting African families. Because of your support with these events, your children are developing an understanding of the real-life benefits of their learning and are becoming increasingly motivated to engage with learning!
  • PTA members have been actively working to organise and run events with staff in school. Seeing us all work together really role models to our children how we can practically "Dream, believe, achieve together!"  
  • Information that families have shared with us about their skill-sets, willingness and availability to visit classes (alongside those who already come in as visitors to share with children) are enabling the staff at school to plan topics that are increasingly relevant to children's lives here in Wales. Our curriculum is becoming increasingly authentic, real-life and meaningful!